Introduction of Sanitary Panties

To all ladies, wearing the Libra5 leak-proof sanitary panties, you won’t need to worry about when the menstrual period comes anymore!! The leak-proof design with a layer of non-absorbent material at the back of the sanitary panties, it could help to prevent blood leakage situation. Once the blood leak out onto the material, it will be absorbed very slowly, but not penetrate into the fibres easily, and makes the panties cleaning procedures even more easily! This leak-proof material is not only offers the comfort to all sweety, and also it is good at air permeability, you won’t need to worry the stuffy and muggy feeling down there! During the daytime you can sit at ease with not making the skirt dirty, so you could avoid the embarrassment. At night, Libra5 leak-proof panties allow you to sleep peacefully, and you are no longer have to worry about cleaning the bed sheets in the next morning!~

Libra5 offers low-waist and mid-waist sanitary panties, please refer to the specific panty for more information.
Low-waist (bikini):

Mid-waist (hipster):