Purchasing Notice

Product Description

1. All Libra5-Pretty Panties photos are taken by actual products, in order to show the most accurate colours of the products. However, there will have differences by different display monitor proportions and screen resolution. Please be attention that colours might varied compared to the actual products. If you are very concerning of the colour problems, please think twice before place the order.

2.All Libra5 panties provide good elasticity and all sizes stated on the panties are hip measurements. Libra5 provides panties in three sizes: M/L/LL. Please refer
to the products details of each of the panty about the sizes and hip measurements. You might compare and reference with your own panties of the sizing problem. Please make sure the size you chose fits you, since Libra5-Pretty Panties are no returns, refunds and exchanges.

3. Libra5 hopes to bring you the most comfortable pretty panties. Because pretty panties are the very intimate ladies’ products, an attentive inspection will be carried out for all products by Libra5 team. Libra5 tries our best to check every piece of the products. This process is to avoid any returns and exchanges are needed and we hope that you may trust our professional.

4. Libra5 also concern the issue of personal hygiene, there is no return, refund and exchange for intimate items like pretty panties. We do not accept any reasons such as, the size is not fit at all or the product does not meet my imagination. Please think more than twice before taking action on purchasing Libra5-Pretty Panties, and make sure you have picked the right size of panties.

5. Libra5-Pretty Panties product packing could lead to slightly smell of the plastic bag. If any unpleasant smell found on the panties, it is recommended products can be placed in ventilated location for 1-2 days or preferably wash it for normal laundering directly after receipts of the panties, the smell will be washed out. If you concern of this issue, please think twice before placing orders.

6. If there’s any stain, dirt or small flaw found on panties, please do not hesitate to contact LIbra5 customer service hotline or email us at enquiry@libra5.com immediately after receipt of products.

7. If you have any problem or question upon purchasing products at Libra5-Pretty Panties, it’s welcome to look at the FAQ in Help section, or contact our customer service hotline or email at enquiry@libra5.com for providing any objective advices.

Shipping Instruction

1. Libra5-Pretty Panties sells while stock lasts. Products will be shipped out after 2-3 days while the order has been confirmed and paid. Libra5 does not make any urgent orders.

2. Libra5 sent out products according to the order no and payment sequence. Since the quantity of every Libra5-Pretty Panties is very limited, it would be appreciated if you could settled payment via PayPal immediately after the order has been placed.

3. If you have any problem or question upon product delivery, please feel free to look at the FAQ in Help section, or contact our customer service hotline +852-6691-2398or email at enquiry@libra5.com. Libra5 will try our best to solve the problem.

Product Returns

1. Libra5-Pretty Panties does not accept returns, refunds or exchanges. We hope you could understand and trust our attentive inspection policy before product delivery.

Stock Description

1. Libra5-Pretty Panties provides very limited quantities and sizes of every product, we sell while stock lasts. Product sold out means that the panties are already sold out.